Life Update

Hmm. It has been a while since I posted last. A year and a half...

Work: Now work as a Software Developer in Bethesda, Maryland; they never did get my clearance straightened out. The website for the company is . I'm just starting out my Green Belt in Karate.
Linda (lfinder on ljournal), my wife: Passed her test to go up from Purple Belt to first degree Blue Belt in Karate about a week ago.
David: Pass his test to go up from Purple Belt to first degree Blue Belt earlier tonight. Has picked out what Middle school he is going to, it is a Magnet with a strong engineering program.
Joshua: Still in the LD (Learning Disabled) class. But the teacher is a perfect fit with him, he really like her.
Nathan: In training to rule the world (or at last he things so), entering Kindergarten in the fall.

I'm still helping out Alpha Phi Omega in odd ways, like research for the History and Archives committee and trying to help PR Committee...

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Homwork for David

The Egyptians dealt with fractions in a different way than we do now. Fractions were viewed as a sum of *different* unary fractions. Unary factions are those with a 1 in the Numerator.

Instead of 3/4, they would have said 1/2 + 1/4.
Instead of 2/5, they would have said *either* 1/5 + 1/6 + 1/30 or 1/4 + 1/10 + 1/20. Either one would have been correct.

Hint. 1/k can be expressed as 1/(k+1) + 1/(k*(k+1)). So 1/3 equal to 1/4+ 1/(3*4) which is 1/4+ 1/12

Problems. (remember, each unary fraction must be different)
1) 2/3
2) 3/5
3) 3/8
4) 2/7
5) 3/7

If you run into trouble you may try to help.

Swimming Hole

The family went over to a local park and went to a swimming hole that we had seen used before on a local stream. One woman with a dog when we got there, but she left not long after. Absolutely great, deepest part was up to the bottom of my chest. Spent about an hour there, Linda(wife) studied Calculus and watched out. Younger two of my kids waded a little and enjoyed, the oldest got in fairly deep for him (still not a fan of water).

This was probably the best day in a week in a half or so. My interim clearance got screwed up at work and I've had to go on overhead through my company rather than working at the National Guard.
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Long time no update

Still plugging along. Spend the last week or so move my desk (along with 18 of my closest friends) from one room to another. They get to remodel that section, move some other people in, remodel *their* section and then move everyone to somewhere else. But believe it or not it makes sense. They did explain a lot about it. Looking forward to homeschooling my oldest. Should be interesting to see just how fast he can move it when challanged...
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Smooth sailing

Things going OK both at work and at home. My youngest used the potty fully for the first time yesterday. My wife is *so* glad the kids went back to school (albeit 2 hours late) today. They had Thursday, Friday and Monday off from school (two different storms)
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Feeling great!

Spent a good couple of hours today talking to a fellow APO brother, good friend and LJer, Jamie Conover today. She came to the place where I work (HQ of the Army national Guard) to have a table giving out info on the college she works for (Bluefield College, VA). It really made my day!
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Feeling into it.

Having problems keeping up with responses to posts I made in communities. Definitely feeling the LJ high. Otherwise waiting for stuff to go forward at work...
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Inital Entry

This is my first LiveJournal entry. Sort of feeling overwhelmed by the number of people here, but I'll get over it. I've been looking at the Alpha Phi Omega Group Journal.
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